Diamond Naturals

All Life Stages

We use this food for our puppies once they start on hard food. We like this the best for such young puppies because of the large kibble size- it forces them to chew and lessens the risk of choking.

Diamond Naturals

Small Breed Puppy

This is a great food for puppies once you are confident in their eating abilities (or are consistently supervising them while they eat. We like to keep our puppies on this food until around 8 months of age, when we switch to adult or back to All Life Stages. Consult your vet to make a plan for your pup.

Diamond Naturals

Adult, Lamb

Our adult dogs love this food! It is their favorite one. We switch between this one, adult beef, and all life stages. Switching within the brand is easy to do since these foods contain probiotics!

Diamond Naturals

Adult, Beef

We use this food for our adult dogs, they love it! We switch between this one, All Life Stages (chicken), and Adult lamb.

Grizzly Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

A great addition to their meals!

We give this to our adults, about 1-2 pumps per meal for our huskies, and .5-1 pump for our adult Pomskies. We've seen this enhance the shine and texture of their coats, plus they go crazy for it! Win-Win!

Puppy Cuddler

Perfect for new puppies!

We love this soft toy, and have used one every time we brought a new puppy home! They warm up, and have a battery operated heartbeat, so they are perfect for new puppies to cuddle with at night, or anytime they are alone.


Our dogs love these! They make for awesome chews, and last for weeks! We end up getting a few new ones every month to add to the pile. Ours love every flavor!

A household favorite!

Duck Toy

For some reason this duck is an all time favorite with our pack!

Perfect Pomsky Bed

Our Pomskies love this bed! It is soft, cozy, and just the right size. Our puppies as well as our adult Pomskies use these. 


These are the crates that we use for our dogs. They are perfect for new puppies beacuse they have a divider- so you can get one that will fit an adult, and make it smaller to use as they grow! We have found these to be sturdy and easy to clean. We like these instead of plastic crates due to the durability as well as better airflow.

Crate Bed

These are the crate beds that we use! Make sure to get one that matches your crate size. They are cozy and easy to throw in the wash! 

Wyze Cam Pan

Awesome camera! It is easy to set up, use, and with a micro SD card you can see playback. Affordable, and has no subscription fees whatsoever. We use these to keep an eye on our dogs/puppies when we aren't home. They also can be set up to alert you to  movement or sound.

Puppy Treats

These are our favorite treats for puppies! I love that they are soft- when puppies are very small we rip them into halves or even quarters for treats that are easy to eat. Our puppies seem to love them! 

Yummy Chummies Dog Treats

This is a big bag our our dog's favorite treats! They go wild for them, and we love them because we know they are good for our dogs.


These are awesome for adult dogs! They help to clean their teeth, and they are a big hit at our house!

Nylabone Chew for Puppies

These are perfect chew toys for puppies! 

Nylabone Dino

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This is another MSP favorite at our house! All dogs enjoy these- from puppies to our senior lab!

Bear Suit for dogs

We have a few of these... they are too cute!! 

Small Chuck-it

These are awesome for exercise for Pomskies! Our dogs are big fans of playing fetch with these!

Pomsky Training Book

This is a fantastic book that is a collaboration from many PoA Approved breeders, with first hand knowledge and expertise. This is a great resource for anyone with a Pomsky, or wanting to get one. 

Puppy Wipes

Earth Bath Puppy Wipes

These are gentle and great for on-the-go! We have been using the Earth Bath brand for a few years now, and we love it. Although we do NOT recommend getting any of their Tea Tree Oil Products, as that can be toxic to dogs.

Puppy Shampoo

Earth Bath Wild Cherry

This is a great puppy shampoo! It lasts forever, and has a nice mild cherry scent. We have been using this for years for our puppies. 

Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

Earth Bath

We love dog conditioner! You can really tell a difference in the softness of their coats when using it, plus it smells so good. We have been using these for years now.

Dog Brush-rake

Simple rake

These kind of brushes are what we use, especially when they are blowing their coats. These do not damage the coat, even the undercoat.


Our dogs LOVE their monthly BarkBox! We get both the super chewer and the regular because we have more than a couple of dogs! I recommend getting the regular box, and if your dog starts to rip up and destroy the regular toys switch over to the Super Chewer box. They come with toys, chews, and treats!

Diamond Naturals

All Life Stages

We use this food for our puppies once they start on hard food. We like this the best for such young puppies because of the large kibble size- it forces them to chew and lessens the risk of choking.

Slicker Brush

Another kind of dog brush that we use

These are great for every day brushing (we use the rake for coat blowing).



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