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Do you have a waitlist?

We are running on a first come, first pick basis right now with no official waitlist. Check out our "Available" page for our current puppies!

How much will one of your Pomskies cost?

Prices are based on coloring, size, and eye color and can range from $3,500 to $5,000. A small, perfectly masked, blue eyed pup will be priced higher. Our prices are high because we have spent thousands on top quality dogs, DNA testing, dog/puppy food, toys, and accessories, along with everything else for our program. Our dogs are the best cared for and most loved dogs you will find <3

Why should we choose you? 

At Midnight Sun Pomskies it's all about the dogs! Our dogs are the happiest and most loved/spoiled dogs you'll meet. They live in our home with us, as cherished members of our family. We take excellent care of them including regular vet exams, Embark DNA testing, and daily love and attention. 

Our puppies are raised in our home, and we work with them several times a day to ensure that we are sending home the happiest and most confident puppies possible. 

We do not take shortcuts when it comes to our dogs and puppies, and we are proud of what we produce! We believe in honesty, integrity, and professionalism. 

Do you offer shipping?

We are happy to offer cargo shipping within the State of Alaska, Seattle, Portland, and LAX (or anywhere else that only has 1 direct flight from Anchorage). Otherwise we recommend coming to pick up your puppy in Anchorage, or utilizing one of our highly recommended puppy nannies! This ensures a smooth trip home for your brand new 8 week old pup. 

Can I breed my Pomsky?

We do not grant breeding rights and a spay/neuter contract must be signed before the puppy goes home for most of our puppies. I am open to talking with experienced and established breeders. This breed takes intensive research, but if you are interested in breeding your dog we are happy to talk with you about it and are open to starting a mentoring relationship.

What do you recommend for me to have ready for my new puppy?

We recommend a puppy pen for at least the first week, with 24 access to food, water, and a pee pad. I would put a kennel inside or attached so that your puppy can get to used to that as well. Once your puppy is getting the hang of potty training you can get rid of your pee pads (be ready to take your puppy out every few hours, even through the night!). We use Diamond Naturals brand food, and will send a small sample of that home. We give all of our dogs and puppies NuVet vitamins, these are AMAZING supplements and help with immunity and overall health. To order call 1-800-474-7044 or visit their website at, use code 79740 to order. We have listed a handful of our favorite things on the "Recommendations" tab above.

What is included with my puppy?

Your new puppy will be up to date on vaccinations/worming, microchipped and vet checked, and will come with a puppy pack. Puppy packs can vary depending on season and what we have on hand but will always include: a chew toy , food sample, Lupine Brand leash &  collar, treats, coupons/brochures, something cuddly that smells like mom/siblings and all of the love and snuggles of a new puppy! You will also have lifetime support for your new puppy and can ask us for advice throughout their entire lives!

I've heard about the Arctic Spitz and Pomsky X, can you explain?

Arctic Spitz is the name which was voted on by the International Pomsky Association. Arctic Spitz can include German Klein, American Eskimo, and sometimes small percentages of Malemute or other breeds. The "x" in Pomsky x means cross, with any of the breeds listed or even others. We are currently strictly Pomeranian and Siberian Husky. 

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