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Pomsky Puppies

If you would like to join our waitlist please fill out the application and then we will send you information on how to pay your deposit- this will secure your spot for our amazing upcoming litters! Thank you!

Kiska/Kobuk First Generation 50/50

Kobuk and Kiska have been bred! Kiska is due on April 23rd- AND HAS BEEN CONFIRMED WITH 6 PUPPIES!

 Kiska is a stunning purebred gray/white Siberian Husky. She is a very sweet girl who loves to give kisses, sing, and cuddle with her favorite humans. She has had one previous litter (see Past Puppies) and is a wonderful and doting Mom. These puppies will be first generation 50/50's and I can't wait to see them! They should range anywhere from 15-25 pounds and we should see a beautiful variety of coat colors and masks. 

Cinder/Yeti First Generation 50/50

Yeti and Cinder have been bred and she is due on April 29th if successful! 
Cinder is our gorgeous black and white purebred Siberian Husky. She is the leader of our pack and the biggest sweetheart. She has had a litter before (with Kobuk- see past puppies) and is another wonderful Mom! 
Yeti is a blue merle purebred Pomeranian. He is an upbeat and fun little guy with a huge personality! 
These puppies will be first generation 50/50's and we are expecting to see blue merles, black and white, and perhaps a chocolate or two out of this pairing.

Echo/Killik Second Generation 60/40

Echo is due on May 10 if the breeding was successful, we will know sometime in April. These puppies will be ~60% Pomeranian and 40% Siberian Husky. We are hoping for an entire litter that looks just like these two perfect Pomskies! Echo is an F1b Pomsky (~75% Pomeranian) who is around 15 pounds. She is such a lover and very smart. She is best friends with Skoogaa and the two can always been seen playing together or cuddling up for a cozy nap. Killik is around 16 pounds and the sweetest boy you'll ever meet! This rockstar stud has sired 2 litters and has 10 amazing puppies. We can't wait to see these puppies!

Penny/Hatcher F2b 75/25

Penny will be paired with Hatcher! Penny is a drop dead gorgeous purebred and champion bred Siberian Husky, weighing in right at 32 pounds. She has a long chocolate coat and is by far our smallest husky. She loves to be in the car and play with kong balls in the backyard. She certainly has beauty and brains! 

Hatcher is our F2 Pomsky stud (50/50) who weighs just under 30 pounds. He is  short and stalky with a perfect mini husky shape! He is an extreme wooly with the thickest coat we've ever seen! 

These puppies will each have a 50% chance of being chocolate like Penny (Thank you EmbarkDNA testing!) and I can't wait to see the litter! Penny is due May 15th!

Please email us at to inquire about one of these beautiful pomsky litters!