Pomsky Puppies ready to take home NOW!


Please email us at midnightsunpomskies@gmail.com to inquire about one of these beautiful pups!


Rosie is a gorgeous girl! She is 75% Siberian Husky/25% Pomeranian with a wooly red/chocolate coat and 2 blue eyes. We kept her to be a part of our breeding program, but she has grown to be larger than either of her parents and we have decided to find her forever family instead. She is 37 pounds, active, and has gone to puppy classes. She would love a family that has a lot of time to spend with her, is active, and will take her hiking/walking/swimming and adventuring. 

Reach out with any questions and to talk further about Rosie! 

Upcoming Litters


Killik and Echo are due any day now! Echo is 75% Pomeranian/25% Siberian Husky and she is paired to Killik, who is a second generation 50/50. Their past puppies were small, perfect, and all have had perfect temperaments!! Check out their past puppy, Howdy, on Instagram! 


Sandy and Hatcher are due in late September! Sandy is 75% Siberian Husky/25% Pomeranian and she has been paired to Hatcher, who is a second generation 50/50. Their past puppies were stunning! They each had a mini-me in their last litter, along with a perfect gray/white female, and 2 gorgeous cream pups.


Cinder is a Siberian Husky and Yeti is a Pomeranian, together they make incredible first generation 50/50 pomsky puppies. They will likely be bred next week and we will see pups in October. Their puppies in the past were black/white, blue merle, and a couple tri-color pups. This will be Cinder's very last litter before retirement and I can't wait to see these perfect puppies!