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A Little About Us

Who we are and why we chose Pomskies

My name is Kimber and my husband Nathan and I are born and raised Alaskans who love and appreciate all that Alaska has to offer. 
We are huge animal lovers and have had dogs in our home from the beginning. In 2013 we rescued Willow, a retired sled dog. She is getting older so in 2015/16 we thought that it was time to add to our family in hopes that the new pup would pick up some of Willow’s temperament and personality. We had been talking about Pomskies for months already and I had begun research into the new and incredibly intriguing breed. 
In 2016 we decided that we had the love, patience, space, and financial resources to get Midnight Sun Pomskies off the ground, and we spent months and months researching everything possible about Pomskies, Pomeranians, and Siberian Huskies. Once we were sure that we had learned all we could we started looking into breeders all over the United States for the best foundation dogs possible.   
Our dog family has grown by several dogs since then and we couldn’t be happier about it- there’s nothing better than a pack of gorgeous dogs to adventure with.
Our foundation dogs come from fantastic breeders around the United States, and beyond that each one has been DNA tested by Embark DNA for over 160 genetic diseases, vet checked on a regular basis, and raised in our home. We wanted to know everything possible about our husky moms before we passed down their genes. 
Breeding is hard work when you do it “right”, with the help of vets, mentors, health testing, etc. and we have certainly been put to the test over the years, but we come out on top with more knowledge and love of our dogs each and every time.
Our puppies are born in our home and we are always watching carefully, ready and willing to help mom where she needs it. We have an extensive birth kit with anything we might need, our neonate incubator, oxygen machine, and more to give our puppies the best possible start in life. We utilize a very hands on approach for socialization and follow the puppy culture methods, which begin at day 3 of life with Early Neurological Stimulation.
We want our puppies to have the best families who are ready to make a lifelong commitment to our puppies. We have poured our hearts and souls into these dogs and we hope to share our passion and deep love of Pomskies with you!

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