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Guardian Home Page

This page will answer questions about Guardian Homes! Our application can be found at the bottom of the page. 

What is a Guardian Home?

We are looking for families to be a part of the Midnight Sun Pomskies Guardianship Program! We believe that every dog deserves to have a loving forever home that spoils them with undivided attention. A Guardian Family is one that loves and cares for one of our intact male or females while they are involved in our breeding program. Being a guardian gives you the opportunity to have one of our top quality dogs or puppies as a family pet, with no cost! He or She will remain in our breeding program for 4 litters for a female or up to 7 years of age for males. Midnight Sun Pomskies will retain all rights to the dog while in the program.

Guardian Guidelines and Requirements

  1. Guardian families must feed a dog food that is approved by Midnight Sun Pomskies, nutrition plays a huge role in health. We feed Diamond Naturals and have been for about 9 years now. 

  2. All vaccines and vet care need to be kept up to date. Midnight Sun Pomskies will provide vet paperwork and let you know when your guardian dog is due next. 

  3. We require the family to avoid chemicals/supplements/or medicines with a pregnant or assumed pregnant female (unless medically necessary and discussed beforehand). This includes flea/tick/heartworm medications. If the dog becomes sick or injured we need to know right away so we are involved in all decisions regarding the treatment of the dog prior to any medication being given.

  4. Guardian Dogs may not attend off leash parks, doggy daycare, or high dog traffic areas while in heat, pregnant, or assumed pregnant.This is due to the increased risk of diseases that may harm mama or puppies.

  5. The Guardian Home is responsible for transportation of the dog to us when needed for breeding, whelping, or health testing and be able to meet us in Wasilla. 

  6. Do not leave the dog outside when home alone.

  7. Do not allow the dog to be transported in the back of an open pick up truck. 

  8. Dog must be crate trained.

  9. A leash must be used at all times in public, unless in a secure fenced in area.

  10. Provide basic obedience training. 

  11. All precautions should be made to keep the guardian dog healthy, both mentally and physically. 

  12. Guardians must have a fully fenced in yard. 

  13. Guardians must ensure the dog is properly socialized. 

  14. Guardians must not allow their dog to breed or to be bred to any dog that is not part of Midnight Sun Pomskies.

  15. Guardians must not plan to relocate within 5 years of entering our guardian program. If relocation does occur and you are going to be living outside of Anchorage of the MatSu the breeding dog must be returned to us to fulfill their contract, and then can move back to your home at retirement. 

  16. Guardians must communicate, cooperate, and coordinate with the breeder regarding testing, mating, health, whelping, and any other breeding related activities. Not communicating in a timely manor for crucial things such as the very beginning of a dogs heat will be seen as a breech of contract and the dog will come back to us for their breeding career.

Breeder's Responsibilities 

We agree to take the best care of our guardian dogs while they are in our care. We will cover any and all breeding related costs, this includes but is not limited to health testing, progesterone testing, c-sections, emergencies that occur while in our care, food while here, and the spay/neuter of the guardian dog at retirement. 

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